What’s MIS?

MIS(Multilateral Interaction with Students)は、世界の国々を豊かにする次世代リーダーを輩出するために設立された、東京大学の学生団体です。将来を担うリーダー輩出のために、MISは学生同士が国境を越えて『議論』し『実行』できる場をデザインしていきます。国内・海外学生とともに『議論』、『実行』することで、学生一人一人が次世代リーダーとして必要な「異なる価値観を理解する広い視野」を会得し、「社会への問題・貢献意識」を醸成することが必要であると考えるからです。




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MIS(Multilateral Interaction with Students)is a student-led organization at the University of Tokyo which aims to develop the next generation of responsible leaders. In order to do so, MIS designs an environment in which students, despite disparities, get to proactively “debate” with one another to “take action.” MIS offers such an environment as it is essential for students “to broaden their horizons” and consequently, develop “awareness about societal problems and societal responsibility.”Currently, MIS carries out projects with students from Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Myanmar.

We are seeking to solve problems from their roots and then to “seed the future.” First-aid activities practiced by numerous NGOs are certainly necessary for international cooperation. However, it is true that such aids can have limits for us considering the fact that MIS is an organization operated mainly by students. Accordingly, as a part of our goals, MIS has determined to work on certain types of activities, which are realistic, if not suitable, for a student-run organization.

Why… We believe that it is necessary to have an organization where students become the main actors to conduct  the cycles of “thinking, discussing, implementing and thinking again for improvements.” In running this cycle, MIS respects independent attitudes of its members and places importance on proactively taking actions while thinking deeply at the same time.




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